According to the proclamation No.163/2003 declared by Oromia regional state executive body, the Oromia police commission has the following power and duties:-

  1. Prevents any activities which contravene and endanger the constitutional system,
  2. Prevents the occurrence of criminal act and traffic accidents,
  3. Causes the criminal investigation to be conducted in accordance with the constitutional and legal rights of the suspected and detained persons,
  4. Prevents criminal acts against the government and its organizations,
  5. Analyzes cause of crime and devices means of prevention, educate the community to protect themselves from criminal acts, publicize selected criminal investigation cases to the community,
  6. Organizes community policing and security board to make the community participate in ensuring peace, educate, organize and work with concerned body and
  7. Exchanges information and work in collaboration whith federal and regional concerned security organs with a view to ensure peace and security in the region.
  8. Safe guards main roads pass through the region, government organization, bridges, factories, and some places where huge investments are available, public meeting, festivals and government departments and etc, and ensures order and security are being maintained .
  9. Gives especial emphasis for community bodies who are in needs of especial support like children, women, elders and disabled.
  10. Conduct a study in order to strength criminal investigation and crime prevention works to standardize police competent and service.
  11. Held assessment and inspection on structure , service and accomplishment of the regional police works. It draws the strategy plan; it makes implementation method of work accomplishment in similar way.
  12. Records , licenses , renews the weapons controls of using illegal weapons, and undo weapon and licensedepending on the law.
  13. Presents witness of the law being with public prosecutor.
  14. Investigates the crimesthat are powers of the regional court being with public prosecutor.
  15. Makes technical investigation being with public prosecutor, it gives its witnesses, and evidence that if freefrom crime.
  16. keeps equipments caughtas evidence carefully, it keeps the equipment till the investigation is finished and works on it with public prosecutor how it will be returned for the owner. When the investigation is finished those things used as witness will be taken to court. It keeps some equipments of suspects and returns it to the owner when it is necessary.
  17. Implements command or verdict of the court .
  18. keeps traffic accidents and crime investigation records,different evidences being with whom it may concern and public prosecutor.
  19. Delivers help and support for sudden accident depending on the situation of the accident. It works in corporation with whom it may concern.
  20. Recruits and trains new forces for the regional police, educates and employs them where it is necessary. It gives and causes to be given on job trainings.
  21. Organizes anti riot and organized crimes controlling force, trains and deploy.
  22. Facilitates educational chance in order to boost the implementation of police force from time to time.
  23. Collects and investigates criminal information and statistics, and passes itto whom it may concern according its importance.
  24. Causes the establishment of the regional police organization, fills it with man forces and necessary equipments; organizes and administers it.











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