Fake Evidence

It has been long time since our country has begun developmental movement in order to line up with countries of intermediate income. And we reach the time in which our country is being called as a good exemplary in the entire world by the movement our community and government are undertaking together in order to bring rapid economical development. For this recorded profits reliable peace and security of the country has higher role. Why because unless there is peace and security in the country, it is impossible to think of working either to improve oneself or develop ones country. So, in order to sustain the started economical movement without any problem, and it is important to dispel crimes and things that can be obstacle and threat for peace and security of our citizen.

Among the crimes that can be threat to peace and security is fake evidence. Fake evidence is generated from the perversion of truth in order to make something yours or for someone else which cannot be yours and to help someone untruly to get what does not belong to him. This fake evidence includes trying to make innocent criminal or to make criminal innocent. As it is known fake evidence can be presented in different images. We can categories fake evidence in to written and verbal fake evidence. It is the implementation of criminal act that someone presents to public prosecutor, police or court in order to benefit someone by inflicting someone else that may be connected with getting benefit or relationship. It is observed that when innocent people are taken to jail without committing any crime only by organized fake evidence and presented to justice body by untruth verdict. Another form of fake evidence is written fake evidence. It should be focused on to work on written fake evidence because it has been seen widely in Oromia and the country.

As some police documents can verify it is being seen that when some criminals try to prepare fake stamp, seal of authorities in order to get fake educational documents to get advancement, to be employed using the fake document, preparing and using false license, and preparing fake passport in order to be expatriated from country. But they couldn’t escape of the law and a lot has been controlled and punished. Perverting truth by using fake evidence makes the good governance not to be structured, increases dependency and corruption. It becomes obstacle to produce highly disciplined citizen, causes less confidence and reduces the dignity of profession.

Moreover, it is clear for everyone that, this crime can be obstacle to the sovereignty of rule of law and beat back the human rights. Because the influence of this fake evidence at different places on the country’s development is not easy; everyone should prevent the implementation of this crime. Concerned bodies should emphasize in strengthening the understanding of community by using every chance they get.












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